Playing Online Keno Game

Keno is a casino game which is similar to lottery games. Before the online gaming era, the game is limited to physical casinos or keno rooms. However, it is now possible to play keno online from home without going to any brick and mortar casino. This article will discuss how to play keno. Visit for keno casinos.


The Objective of Keno

The objective of a keno game is straightforward. You are simply to predict the winning numbers of the game and mark them on your keno scorecard. A keno scorecard is a card that has numbers written on it. Some versions of the game have 80 numbers while others have up to 120 numbers.

To specify the number you want to select, you simply need to mark on the scorecard. Depending on the version of keno, players may be allowed to mark 10 or 20 numbers on their card. You can check the game information menu in online keno to know how many numbers are permitted for you to mark.

  • Keno is similar to lottery games
  • The keno scorecard consists of numbers that you have to select from
  • The amount you can win in keno depends on how many numbers you predicted right.

After marking your card, the raffle round of the game will kick-off. In this round, numbers will be selected from a basket randomly. The numbers are numbered and if your predicted number is among the numbers selected, you win. The payout you will receive in a keno game is based on how many numbers predicted correctly.

Learn With Free Keno

One of the best ways that a player can learn how to play keno game is to first play the free versions online. Free versions of keno will give you a chance to practice the game and also get familiar with the rules of the game. This will make it easy for you to play with real money.

Online Keno Strategies

Keno is a game of luck and there is no skill required for you to get started playing it. Nevertheless, there are a couple of strategies that expert keno players use when playing the game, and you also can try out these strategies too. One strategy is to buy several scorecards and play in a game round.

Play Keno with Casino Bonuses

There are a few online casinos out there that offer players bonuses for keno games. With these bonuses, you won't need to buy a keno scorecard with your money. When you use online casino bonuses on keno games, be aware that you may be required to fulfil a playthrough requirement. Below are some top Keno casinos:

  • Casumo Casino
  • Play Frank Casino
  • Play OJO Casino
  • Dunder Casino

What to Check for When Selecting a Keno Casino

If you want to play keno online at a casino, you should check for somethings concerning the casino you want to choose. Take some time to check the licence of the operator, bonuses offered customer support as well as payment methods. Additionally, read reviews online about the casino to know if it is reputable or not.

Conclusion and Final Verdict

Throughout this guide, we've explained how keno is played. Remember that it is a lottery-like game played using a scorecard. Additionally, with the different strategies available online, you can increase your winning chances on the game. Lastly, don't forget to check the casino you want to choose for keno games as this can influence your gaming experience.