The workings of an online casinos

According to a study commissioned by the Australian government, there are no fewer than 5 million online gamblers in the world. These gamblers spend more than $100 billion on online gambling sites such as . Many gamblers agree that playing on an online casino is more enjoyable, games run faster and some games pay higher than the land-based gambling parlors. It's been more than 10 years since the first online casino came into being, but ever since there has been a surfeit on online gambling activities. Every day, millions of gamblers drop their names, email IDs, passwords, etc. on their online casinos, lay bets and win or lose money. So, how do online casinos function?


Kinds of online casinos

There are two kinds of casinos. Web-based casinos can be launched simply on your browser and you can enjoy those games. Since they can be accessed on the web, you don't need to download or install these games. However, in order to play web-based casinos'games, you need two things; A fast and stable internet connection and special software like Flash and Shockwave. Also called Flash-based games, these games are preferred by millions of newbies and professional gamblers for their ease and convenience. They can play these games on their Android, iOS and Windows phones. Apple owners, however, need to have Chrome, Explorer, Safari or other compatible browsers to access these casinos and their games.

Downloadable casinos can be pulled down from the web and installed on your devices such as tablets, desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Downloading these casinos isn't a pleasant experience because of internet speed related problems but once installed on your device, games of these casinos run faster than th web-based ones. Despite this convenience, downloadable casinos don't find favor among the gambling community. This has to do with the presence of viruses and other malware within the casino software. You don't need an internet connection to play games of these casinos. If you are playing for money, downloadable casinos don't help you much. You can play games of these casinos only for fun and nothing else.

Are online casinos fair?

Well, most of them are. When you roll a dice or spin a reel on an online slot, your result is generated by a complex computer program called Random Number Generator. This virtual machine runs on its own and is not touched by the humans at all. All the numbers and their sequences are random in number. They can't be predicted and neither can their sequences be understood. So you can rest assured that your online casino is indeed fair and unbiased. Random Number Generators are always monitored by third party auditors such as eCogra. So, there is no way you can tamper with this virtual device. eCogra is a reputed auditor and is trusted by thousands of players and casinos worldwide.

  • Online casinos treat your personal information very seriously
  • Opening an account is very easy and takes just a few steps

Online casinos are trustworthy also because if they don't act fair, they might lose a lot of business. That said, gambling regulators encourage these casinos to follow certain universally accepted responsible practices. For example, no online casino is allowed to enroll underage gamblers. Similarly, these websites are required to monitor the gambling activities of addicts and other vulnerable players. Casinos are also requited to stop all kinds of illegal activities such as money laundering. If an online casino follows all these practices, it might be awarded a gambling license from the regulator. You can check the license details of your casino by going to the bottom area of the website. If there is no license, then may be you should change your casino.

Bonuses and Promotions

If you are a new player, your online casino might award you with a Sign up or Welcome Bonus. This is virtual money can can be used to lay bets on some selected games. Some players don't make the initial deposit. These gamblers are lured by a few casinos by the No Deposit Bonus that comes with several terms and conditions. Deposit bonuses are sometimes accompanied by free spins that you can use to unlock additional features in your game. Loyal players ca get loyalty based bonuses from their casinos. If you open your account via a specified website, you get a special bonus. Please note all these bonuses come with certain conditions such as wagering requirements, specific games, etc.